Outlining 101 Intensive

Outlining 101 Intensive

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Calling all writers, authors, playwrights, and wannabe’s! The 5-Star Character 5-Hour Week Intensive Course is NOW AVAILABLE!!! This course is not your typical course. As you complete each lecture, you will have a tangible piece to use in your current project. And the bonus is that you can use these templates over again for your future projects! Energy Learn the 7 character types, the authentic character formula, and how to create a superb skeletal system of your character that will not leave a single detail to chance for your book, play, or movie! Enrollment in The Writing Clinic is NOW OPEN! Four modules will be taught and lunch will be provided for live events only. 

In this transformative and healing 5-hour intensive program you will learn to create an outline for your next book that the reader just can’t put down. Ready. Set. DOMINATE!

Over the past eight years I've helped to facilitate writing workshops for aspiring writers. We've given as much information possible to help turn those writers into authors! Now's the time to kick it up a notch. Each course from The Writing Clinic will produce a tangible that gets you one step closer to becoming the published author you've always desired to become! Want to write a page-turning book? Start with the Outlining 101 Intensive! Classes are available to the public NOW! 

Will you commit to creating a solid outline for your next project with us today?

In this course, Ask TPJ teaches you how to create an outline template you can use for the rest of your writing career. You'll also get a module worksheet, checklists, and weekly homework! 
This is an intensive course lasting 5-hours including: 

It’s all about behind the scenes information to start developing some seriously well-rounded characters your reader will love to read about. The first step to creating a 5-star character is getting down to the nitty gritty creating details that will help add depth to every character so they may bring life to your next story!

Each book begins with a stellar skeletal system. We’ll create some rituals to help raise your BOOK WRITING IQ TM, channel your “administrative genius” for organization and ensure that you don’t leave 1 important detail from your story. Also, an extensive quiz will be provided for you to take to create each character within your story. 

It’s time to put it all together Dominator! You’ve spent the last 4 modules drafting the perfect outline so that you can write your story and leave nothing out!! How does it feel? What’s next for your story? Here you’ll celebrate your success and reflect on how you’ve been able to use this model to create.

Ready to move forward?

Signing up for this class you also get: 

  • 1 Intensive Module Workbook PDF

  • 4 Checklists

  • Homework Assignments 

  • Unlimited Email Access for 30 Days

  • 1 60-Minute Prerecorded Audio Session

  • Video Content

  • Content Feedback on Assignments Via Video/Email (Ask TPJ's preference) 

  • Tangible Characters to use in your book/play 

  • Outline Templates you may use for a lifetime 

  • Access to The Writing Clinic Closed Facebook Group

Ready to move forward?

If you’re interested in this course what's stopping you? If we get started today, you’ll be up and running as soon as you complete the course. You'll have tangible characters to write a best-selling book! Outlining Your Book Course Intensive Starts SOON! 

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