Autographed Copy of The Rejuvenation Process

Autographed Copy of The Rejuvenation Process


The Rejuvenation Process is a playbook to assist you during those seasons in the wilderness. Long gone are the days of wandering the wilderness for 40 years. Through raw “Unmasked Moments,” anecdotes, analogies, and prayers, this book was created to help you get your fight back. Not only does it help you get your fight back, but also it gives you strategy to win the fight!
Each chapter helps you identify where you are in the fight, helps you apply Godly wisdom and principles during the fight, and help you to create a strategy no matter where you are in the fight. Victory is the only option.

Many people say they are tired of being where they are but they do not want to do the work to change their situation. In this book there’s practical and applicable information that you can use to change where you are today and make a better future for your tomorrow. The Rejuvenation Process will make you laugh, cry, pray, think, and most importantly light a fire within you for change. 

It all starts with the man errr woman in the mirror. This is a book that requires you to take off the mask you show to others when you are hurt deep within. This book requires work. It is not for the faint at heart. It will train you to be the woman of God you have always been called to be. It will help you through those rough times when you want to quit.

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